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We highly value training, and we deliver it in a lot of different ways.  We have a formal onboarding course that gets you up to speed in the basics of modeling, analysis (financial and otherwise), primary research and other fundamentals of the job.  Perhaps more educational is the training that happens less formally, project to project.  And this doesn’t stop in month one; you’ll continue learning from your colleagues and firm partners up until the time you move on to grad school or your next job.  Between projects, we revisit old cases and the team works together to “re-solve” the mystery—we develop training material out of our recent accomplishments.


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A great launching pad


Whether it’s B School or a job at another firm/in another industry, it is our deeply felt commitment and intention to help our employees get to the best place they can—not only the next step after Greenwich Strategy, but on down the line.  And while we would never take credit for what our alumni have accomplished, the facts say it all.  (You can read about the accomplishments of some of our alumni here).  Most new hires join with the intention of going on to B School.  Former Greenwich Strategy employees have been admitted to the following B Schools (listed alphabetically): Chicago (Booth), Columbia, Dartmouth (Tuck),  Harvard, Northwestern (Kellogg), Stanford, University of Michigan (Ross), University of Pennsylvania (Wharton), and Yale.


B School not your thing?  We’ve helped many of our employees go on to get jobs at other firms or in different industries.  For example, one recent employee who progressed from Analyst to Consultant over a three year period at Greenwich Strategy, aspired to a job at a premier strategy consulting firm (one of the “big three”).  On his behalf, we wrote the head of the firm.  We advocated for him strongly—explaining that the training and experience he had garnered while at Greenwich Strategy was at least as valuable as B School, and that he was an ideal hire.  Despite the employee’s lack of an MBA, he went on to get the job.

Great pay  


Strategy consulting pays well, and we are no exception. Although we would never want compensation to be the singular driving force behind someone's desire to join our team, anyone who aspires to work here should expect to be well compensated.