Improvised Reusable Respirators for Healthcare Workers

In response to the shortage of quality, disposable N95 respirators, Greenwich Strategy has developed the following protocol for improvised disposable filters to be used in elastomeric respirators of the type used in painting, woodworking, etc.

Greenwich Strategy's prototype filter utilizes the Halyard H600 material found to be effective by the University of Florida College of Medicine. The prototype respirator has the following advantages for use among healthcare workers:

  • Good seal offered by the respirator chassis

  • Can be made easily, quickly, and using materials at hand and in the field in medical facilities

  • Avoids potential inhalant hazards of designs using non-medical-grade materials

We have provided a short instructional video tutorial for how to construct the improvised filters as well as a list of required materials below.

Instructions for the Prototype Filter

It is important to note that this is a prototype and design improvements may be made as we perform more research and testing. Greenwich Strategy is in the process of finding testing facilities that can evaluate the performance of the design on the same standards used to test NIOSH-approved N95 respirators.

The follow protocols must be followed to minimize the risk of contamination:

  • Filters are intended only for single-use and cannot maintain sufficient sanitary standards if reused. Safely tag or label each filter to record use, and do not write on the material, as any writing could degrade the fabric further beyond the initial cutting. Greenwich strategy recommends the use of a removable tag to clearly show use.

  • Do not use any material that has been previously used, ripped, torn, or in any other way degraded beyond its original condition, as such material may be compromised.