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You’re really part of the case team.


Our main conference room is called the Think Box.  We usually designate a wall or two in the Think Box to each project—hanging charts, emerging analysis, notes, and so forth on the wall.  (We rarely have more than three projects going on at once—and on average it’s fewer than that.)  On many days throughout the year, the Think Box looks like the garage in “A Beautiful Mind”.  (Chris wanted us to add that sentence, even though we told him younger people won’t get the reference.)  The point is the walls of the Think Box get plastered with charts and analysis and so forth.


The Think Box is a very collaborative place.  When we’re having case team meetings, everyone on the project team is encouraged and expected to contribute to the discussion.  In fact, whether in the Think Box or the client’s office, everyone on the project team—from the Analyst on up—is in virtually every meeting.  Greenwich Strategy is not a hierarchical place.  When it comes to the intellectual process that is the essence of our work, everyone is encouraged to voice his/her thoughts, opinions, and findings.


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You’re going to develop, because we won’t pigeon-hole you.


You’ll be asked to work on a variety of aspects of project work.  Whether you were born to build models and have stage fright on the phone, or whether you’re naturally gregarious and eager to do customer interviews, you won’t be doing just one thing.  You’ll do it all.  This is both required by our small size, and furthermore it’s good for you!  It helps you grow your skillset and keeps life a bit more interesting.  (It also is part of why we’re such a great foundation for your next step—be that B School or another firm/industry.)

We are selective about our clients and the projects we take on. 


We like visible and high-impact work.  The merits are obvious.  But one that may not be so obvious is that consulting projects that really unearth important insights make for great B School essays!  Expect to be put on a number of fast-paced projects across a variety of industries.  But don’t expect to be a part of something that results in a document for the sake of satisfying a political agenda in a far flung aspect of a mega-client organization…a presentation that collects dust in some executive office.