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Most of our hires over the years have been Analysts.  Most Analysts aspire to a top B School directly after Greenwich Strategy.  We are very attuned to this ambition, so much so that we go to lengths to try to embed in each Analyst’s experience the kinds of responsibilities, and opportunities for the kinds of accomplishments that top B Schools like to see in applicants.  We love seeing our Analysts get into one of their top-choice B Schools!  (And like proud parents, we love to brag about it!)  A few of our star Analysts from over the years are listed on the left.


But whether someone’s ambition is B School or another field or firm, we are very supportive of our people achieving their career ambitions—both immediately after Greenwich Strategy and beyond.


We are small by design.  Staying small has many advantages for our clients and our employees.  It’s core to our success. Implicit in our model is that people must move on.  And so helping people develop and advance their careers as best they can is core to our success.


In many firms the culture marginalizes the employee who’s leaving.  In our culture, when someone decides it’s time to move on, it’s not something to be cloistered.  It’s lunch table conversation.  We use our network to help surface opportunities…we provide paid days off for job search/outplacement activity… we advocate strongly in whatever way we can.

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