We have a close-knit, family-like atmosphere.


We’re a small firm with impressive clients.
For 20 years and counting we’ve never allowed ourselves to get bigger than ten employees (excluding dogs).  Fit is extremely important to us.  We are extremely choosy not only about employees, but also about clients. 

The vast majority of our work comes from a core, contained group of uncommonly loyal clients.  We try to deploy our finite resources against interesting and well-fit projects, as opposed to taking on clients/projects indiscriminately, or for the purpose of driving our own growth.  Furthermore, we spend very little time doing sales calls.  Sure, like any consulting firm, we’ve had our slow periods and dry spells, but for the most part we’ve been quite busy—often busier than we might like to be.

Staying small affords us financial stability.  We’ve never laid anyone off—not even during the 2008/09 downturn or more recently the coronavirus pandemic.

We work really hard, when there's work to be done, and we don't when there's not.


We have a close-knit, family-like atmosphere.
Greenwich Strategy was started in 1997 by Chris Fay (formerly at Bain and then Parthenon).  The only partner aside from Chris is his wife Beth (whom he met back at Bain in 1988…very nerdy, we know.)  So “family-like” is not just a metaphor.
When you’re in an office as small as ours, you get to know each other well.  It is virtually unavoidable that each individual’s aspirations, celebrations, and life challenges become known to the rest.  And it is a very natural thing in our culture that we provide help & support for a colleague who aspires to something beyond Greenwich Strategy; share in the joy when colleagues celebrate (weddings, newborns, etc.); and lend our support and compassion in times of need.
To be sure, it hasn’t been the case that every former employee stays in close touch, but most have.  Most forged lasting friendships with their other Greenwich Strategy colleagues.
Incidentally, the people on this sailboat are not Chris and Beth (this is a stock photo that the analyst who redesigned our website in 2015 found on the web). In fact they just sold their sailboat, bringing to an end the era of the summer company sail. Even with the boat gone, the family atmosphere still remains.
We form long-lasting relationships here, and they’re not necessarily confined to just our employees. For example, click here to learn about “Danny The Elevator Guy”. We hope you enjoy the story.

We keep it casual.

We work really hard when there’s work to be done, and we don’t when there’s not.
When the projects are over (they tend to come in bunches, like grapes) we love declaring impromptu “Greenwich Strategy holidays”.  This often takes the form of three day weekends—happily it seems to happen most in the summer.  Rhode Island is a great place to have three day weekends in the summer!

Although the hours can be long, and the pace intense, we try to keep work processes as streamlined and efficient as possible—minimizing “yield loss.”  Continual partner involvement in every project means virtually no re-work.  (It also means really great professional development for young staff, but that’s not the point of this section.)

We don't work weekends.

We keep it casual.
We have a well-worn basketball hoop and time tested arch for Around the World (our own rules, handed down by generations of employees).  We have our own Fantasy League (with current and former employees), and we all make March Madness brackets.  There are no suits or ties, and in the summer, shorts and flip flops replace the more formal wear of jeans and sneakers. 
We don't work weekends.
In over twenty years, the number of times someone was asked to work on a weekend can be counted on one hand.  In fact, not only do we not work weekends, Chris and Beth make a strong effort not to even bother the consulting staff with emails over the weekend.