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We have two primary types of clients.


We work mainly for a select clientele of very successful, very discerning middle market private equity funds.  Our typical project lasts 3-6 weeks and answers central questions about growth, industry & competitive dynamics, customer behavior, and profit sustainability.


We work for companies ranging from the largest among the Fortune 100 to smaller/middle market privately held businesses.  In general, corporations hire us to improve organic growth and/or profitability.  Our typical corporate project lasts 5-12 weeks.

Our work quality is superior.

We hear this continually from our clients.  Doing exceptionally good work is our single most important goal on every project.  In fact, our commercial terms with clients are literally: “If you’re not completely satisfied, don’t pay us.”  Suffice to say, there’s never been a question or quibble about an invoice.


How is it that we deliver such high quality work?


First, our partners are involved in every project from Day 1.  They actively steer the project and participate in primary research.  Every project has the benefit of their combined 50+ years of experience.


Second, we hire great people who are passionate, driven and really, really smart.  In fact previous business experience is less important than these fundamental qualities.

Our work is interesting and high-impact.

Every project we do is on a topic of great importance to our client, and we are, in their view, the right consulting firm for the job.  We don’t get hired to simply gather data or do surveys.  (There are plenty of firms that do that kind of work—and they charge a lot less than we do.)  We get hired when the project calls for fresh, often creative thinking and solid supporting evidence and analysis.


We get hired to solve puzzles.

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