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What We Look for in New Hires

What we look for...

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Strong academic success and relevant work experience.


  • Analyst Applicants: Excellent academic performance at a highly competitive college, and one to three years’ work experience, honing fundamental business, analytical and quantitative skills.  Successful Analysts commonly have prior experience in such settings as: investment banking, corporate finance/strategy (e.g., a corporate rotational program), and a variety of consulting firms.


  • Consultants typically join us after one to three years of post-graduate work experience.  Most have an MBA degree from a top B School. person



 Kindness and Sensitivity 


Almost every employer out there says they want "team players", so saying this probably doesn't have much meaning.  But in our small setting, and given the uneven, sometimes intense nature of the workload, those who do best are as attuned to others as they are to themselves.  We're looking for a person whose instinct is to stay late even though his work is done in order to help a colleague on a different project that's in crunch mode...or put aside his own work to help a colleague who's struggling with a model s/he's never built before...or fill the soap dispenser in the kitchen when it's empty.

 Self-Esteem Coupled with Humility 


Everyone who gets a job here has distinguished himself/herself in school and so many other ways.  Over the years we've been graced with phenomenal athletes, musicians, and more.  (Even though we all have lunch together most days of the week, the company never gets old.)  We're looking for folks with a strong self-image—people who feel well about what they've accomplished, and are ambitious to take their careers to great places.  Moreover, since the name of our firm will be unfamiliar to your parents and friends, we're looking for people whose self-esteem doesn’t need to derive from the name of their company.  (Our clients think we're awesome, but no one else has ever heard of us.) 


 At Least a Tad of Nerd 


At the end of the day, we're puzzle solvers.  What's going to happen with the profitability of the US airline industry over the coming five years?  Is the popularity of traditional yearbooks going to dwindle amidst pressure from electronic alternatives?  How many golf carts will be sold in the coming ten years?  What's the capacity utilization of the data center industry, and where is it going to go?  These are the sorts of questions clients hire us to answer.  We're not total nerds...but if getting the answer right to some rather unusual questions turns you on, it bodes well for the fit between us!



Successful Analysts & Consultants have come to us from a variety of backgrounds over the years.  (If you have the requisite aptitude and personal qualities, you will thrive here and learn a great deal—see what former Greenwich Stratetgy employees have said for themselves on Glassdoor).


If all of this sounds of interest to you, please send your résumé to