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We are Chris Fay and Beth Vito Fay. And these days Greenwich Strategy is essentially just the two of us. You might say we are a mom & pop firm…because we are married. Yes, we are a truly nerdy couple. (We actually met at the consulting firm where we started our careers, Bain & Co.). Remarkably we continue to stay married after working together all these years. Adding additional spice is the fact that one of us got an MBA at Harvard, and the other at Stanford.

We started the firm in Greenwich, Connecticut, hence the name.

Disillusioned by the price of a starter home in Greenwich, CT, we moved to Providence, RI in 2002. Providence has been the home of Greenwich Strategy ever since.

We’ve had a few different offices in Providence—some pretty cool buildings. One had a birdcage elevator that was operated by a dear man who died a few years ago. You can read that story HERE.

For the first decade or so (1997-2010) the core offering of Greenwich Strategy was to assist companies in developing competitive strategy, through in-depth market, customer, and competitor research and analysis. In other words, helping companies beat the competition.

That focus shifted in roughly 2010. From that time to the present, the focus of our firm has been conducting market studies to help investors and lenders evaluate the attractiveness of investing in, or lending to a given industry.

During both chapters, we took great pride in recruiting smart, terrific…well, kids, at the start of their careers. We have provided a valuable developmental experience to many dozens of young people, and it has given us great satisfaction to help them further their careers and move on to land a great job in a chosen field, or a spot in a top business school.

We are as proud of the many dozens of kids we’ve helped over the years as we are of our work product itself. (If you do a search on LinkedIn, you’ll undoubtedly be impressed at the great accomplishments of our graduates.) We count a vast majority of Greenwich Strategy graduates as friends, and we stay in touch.

But we’re done with the kids phase.

Partly because the last few years have proven extremely difficult to recruit, and partly because we want to ratchet back the hours. (Our kind of consulting is pretty intense; it brings long hours.)

Plus, Wikipedia recently removed the page on Greenwich Strategy. A colleague said he saw “flags” placed on the page before Wikipedia axed it, suggesting our firm was too small, and also that the content was too “promotional”. At first our feelings were hurt. But then we figured we’re not looking for new clients, or to hire anyone, so the heck with Wikipedia.

On a personal level, our own (real) two kids have recently left the nest. So we’re not only empty-nesters in the office, but at home too. When Beth is not working, she tutors in the Providence school system. She enjoys yoga, running and biking. When Chris is not working, he rows (as in “Boys in the Boat” type rowing, only in a single or double rowing shell). He also enjoys woodworking and lobstering.



123 Dyer Street, Third Floor, Providence, RI 02903



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