Our Leadership

Chris Fay, President

Chris Fay is a career-long consultant.  He founded Greenwich Strategy in 1997.  Prior to starting Greenwich Strategy, Chris was with The Parthenon Group in Boston (a Bain & Co. off-shoot), and before that Bain & Co. in Boston.  Fay is a graduate of Brown University (Class of 1984) and Harvard Business School (Class of 1988).





Beth Vito, Partner

Beth Vito (aka Beth Fay) worked alongside Chris from the start in 1997 (including helping him interpret the instructions for assembling the desks at which they sat, in the first office, located in Greenwich, CT.)  Prior to joining Greenwich Strategy, Beth worked in strategy and marketing roles at various technology companies, including Digidesign, Netscape, and Online Retail Partners.  Before that, Beth worked at Bain & Co.  Beth is a graduate of Rice University (Class of 1987) and Stanford University Graduate School of Business (Class of 1992).

The Staff Beyond Chris and Beth

Chris and Beth manage every project and are deeply involved in every aspect of the work.  But the real stars in our small firm are our Analysts and Consultants.  Unlike in big consulting firms, the line between the two roles is not very distinct—as far as responsibilities and expectations. 


Analysts typically join us after one to three years of post-undergraduate work experience.  They come to us having excelled in a highly competitive college, and having developed fundamental business, analytical and quantitative skills in such settings as: investment banking, corporate finance/strategy (e.g., a corporate rotational program), and a variety of consulting firms.


Consultants typically join us after one to three years of post-graduate work experience.  Most have an MBA degree from a top B School.